Storage Capacity:
3,496,600 m3
PRODUCTS STORED: Crude Oil, Petroleum products, Methanol


Vopak has various sets of rules in place governing the performance of its various bodies and ensuring implementation of the rules applicable within Vopak. These rules have been amended in line with the Dutch Corporate Governance Code, recent legislative amendments and decisions made by the Supervisory Board from time to time. Shareholder information Vopak follows an open information policy towards investors and other parties interested in the financial status of the company. The purpose is to inform these stakeholders as fully and as early as possible about Vopaks policies and changes within the company.

Our Advantages

We strive for a long-term relationship with our people, our partners and the world in which we live. When we settle somewhere, we make a commitment for decades. And that is not for nothing. We take responsibility in relation to our people, our stakeholders and the company.

Before a (inland) vessel or truck can load or unload at Vopak, Vopak needs different information about the ship, truck or load concerned.


Royal Vopak is the world's largest independent service provider in tank storage, specializing in the storage and handling of liquid bulk chemicals, gases and oil products. Vopak has a worldwide network of tank terminals. These terminals are located at strategic locations for users in relation to the most important shipping routes. Customers are predominantly companies from the chemical and oil industry, for whom Vopak stores a wide variety of products for a large number of industries.

Our Corporate governance

Vopak complies with the vast majority of the principles and best practices laid down in the 2016 Dutch Corporate Governance Code (the Code).

The exceptions are explained in the following chapters. For our stakeholders, and in accordance with previous recommendations of the Monitoring Committee Corporate Governance Code (the Monitoring Committee),

this section includes the various risks and ways in which Vopak manages these in our external accountability and reporting on risks and risk management.

Know us More

    Vopak Europoort Terminal BV is one of largest independent terminal operators in dry and liquid bulk products. Our terminals operate in Europes most important ports at prime locations. We meticulously develop these terminals further with the objective to maintain our market leader position in the field of iron ore and coal while expanding our market share in argri and mineral products. Our modern and flexible tank terminals are located at strategic locations with ample land for expansion. It is our aim to become one of the leading players in the European tank terminal market.
    Our Key fact include : Tankstorage, Tank transport, Maritime shipping, Tank Truck Loading Rack, Blending, Multimodal shift, Inland shipping, Overland transport, Food, Biodiesel, Base oil, Oleochemicals, Mineral specialties, Non-hazardous chemicals, Fuel oil, Gasoline, Gasoline components, Ethanol, Methanol, Gasoil, Gasoil components, much more than service. Creating involvement would be a better way of putting it.

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